The Erasmus project drew from the Dutch humanist Erasmus from Rotterdam who lived in 1466,during the Renaissance-Humanist age,in which the medieval theocentric vision is replaced by the anthropocentric one:man becomes the maker of his destiny,his reason is praised and becomes the centre of all creation.Erasmus loved travelling all over Europe to discover different cultures,getting to know new worlds,and learning new realities  outside the borders of his country,making new friends.Our high school “F.Scaduto” allowed us to make this kind of experience,giving us the opportunity to take part,on the 18th October 2021,in the day of cultural and exchange meeting,with our classes,teachers and the headmaster from Czech Republic.This event was helpful to develop our cultural and linguistic horizons.That day we all met together in the headquarters in Bagheria;after meeting all the teachers in front of the entrance of the high school and then we went to the multimedial room,where the students of various courses including classical studies, human sciences from Villabate ,foreign languages and biomedical studies. We compared and presented our different courses,listening to one another,analizying the theory and practice of the different school sistems and we also showed  the different laboratories taking place in our school.Our foreign guests did the same adding a presentation of their town, Ostrava.

After the presentation we took a tour of our school.The Erasmus experience also permits young people to go abroad, promoting the integration between students and teachers from different countries.For us learning is the key step towards freedom, but learning by doing is also fun and even more amusing.

Opportunities of this kind must be caught.

By Sofia Nini, Alessia Arnone 4AUV & Francesca Grassadonia 2AUV

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