On 13th October, our class IB, IIB and IIIB from Liceo Classico Scaduto set off on a
school trip to Marsala to visit a STEAM fair. We went there by bus and it took us two
hours. During the bus trip, we had a lot of fun, we sang together, we chatted with
students from other classes and made new friends.
When we arrived in Marsala at 1:30 p.m, we were all very hungry so we had lunch.
Some of us had our packed lunch with us but others bought sandwiches and pizza.
We then visited the first STEAM exhibition. There were three of them and all had a
different STEAM topic. The first was a technological and scientific one, the second
was an artistic exhibition , and lastly, the third, explained how to work in a team or
In the first stall, there were many technological and innovative things such as
robots, mini-games, technological devices and other cool and smart programs. Some
of my schoolmates managed to make a robotic arm move and pick up a little
basketball! It was really exciting and interesting!
There was a church nearby so we decided to visit it with our teachers before
moving to the next stand. The next thing we saw was that some STEAM students
of a Middle School were painting using robotics. They showed us how to do it and
after that they also explained their many art projects. Some were really astonishing
and creative!
In the end some teachers explained what STEAM really means. STEAM stands for
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. You work in a team and this
teaches you how to cooperate with the rest of the group. Everyone has his/her role,
his/her job because only working together will make you achieve great results. It
helps you in your personal growth and to become more independent, too.
Our motto is “STEAM: un’unione che funziona” i.e. “ STEAM: a group that works!”

Before returning home, we visited the archaeological museum, “Baglio Anselmi”. The museum was full of historical things like statues, jewels, anchors, animal and human bones, coins, vases, the rest of an old boat and paintings… In the museum, it was possible to find small TVs reproducing videos explaining the origin of the objects that we saw. At the back of the museum there was a big garden with many plants, it was very beautiful so we took some pictures of it.  After that, we went back to the bus, and when we were  almost half  asleep, we arrived to Bagheria safe and sound. One of the most beautiful school trips we have ever been to!

Written by Cirone Vito and D’Ugo Aurora
Photos taken by Altamore Alessia,
Class 1 B STEAM

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