The Erasmus KA220 project “Elpis”, which will end in autumn 2024 and is coordinated by the Idrisi Culture and Development ETS, involves in partnership our High School “Francesco Scaduto”, The “Rijeka Youth” Theatre, based in Rijeka, Croatia and the cultural and artistic centre “Pionirski dom”, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Elpis, an acronym for “Artistic expression, performance and social innovation: the role of the educator for the accessibility of the arts”, is a pathway that aims to broaden participation in cultural and artistic activities for the benefit of the periphery and users with fewer resources and who are vulnerable: citizens, young people and adults, who can hardly be understood as “art goers”.

From 16 to 19 November 2023, a delegation of teachers, consisting of the Headteacher Carmen Tripoli and teachers Annalisa D’Alba, Katia Di Salvo and Pina Provino, travelled to Rijeka.

Four intense days together with Idrisi’s friends Alessandro Paladino, Paola La Bella, and colleagues Enea Dessardo (Rijeka) and Ursa Stremar (Ljubljana).

The school and the association have encouraged each other and have exchanged their experiences.

The highlight of the meeting was a visit to the Italian High School in Rijeka, Croatia, welcomed by Professor Dolores Močinić, head of the library.

The Italian High School of Rijeka in Croatia was established in 1888.

During the meeting, teachers were wrapped up in emotions and a sense of belonging to the same history, culture, tradition and geographical territory. 

This Erasmus experience, yes, made us “citizens of the world” but it also brought back to memory a sentence by Umberto Eco, contained in his speech at the UN in 2013 (“No civilisation can subsist and survive without a collective memory”) and the embrace of Virgil and Sordello in Canto VI of Purgatory (…“e ‘l dolce duca incominciava “Mantüa…” e l’ombra tutta in sè romita, surse ver lui del loco ove pria stava, dicendo “ O Mantoano, io son Sordello de la tua terra!”; e l’un l’altro abbracciava).

The teachers will remember these days fondly, proud and witnesses of a single culture Fiume/Bagheria two extremes of a single land. 

See you in May 2024, here in our school.

““Elpis” Codice Progetto: 2022-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000086370

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